1000 Teachers Program (1000TP)


1. To encourage, through a scholarship supported with a stipend, the best and brightest graduating high school seniors to take degrees in education, specifically majoring in English, Math, Science, Elementary and Early Childhood Education.


2. To uplift the image of the teaching profession in the eyes of the public in order to make education a strong career option for our youth and their parents.


3. To help improve the quality of teachers in the Department of Education by producing 1000 quality teachers who will join the public school system.



4-year Tuition Scholarship c/o the Partner School

Php 2,000 Monthly Allowance

Php 2,000 Semestral Book Allowance

LET Review and Payment of LET examination Fee

Hiring Prioritization by DepEd (Scholars shall be a LET passer and shall undergo due process)


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