Futureyou.ph: Helping learners make informed career decisions

PBEd recently launched Futureyou.ph as part of the Higher Education and Productivity Project. It is an online career exploration tool designed to provide high school students with relevant higher education and job market information so that they can make informed decisions for their future.

The Philippines currently has the highest unemployment rate in Southeast Asia and one of the main causes is the jobs-skills mismatch. Many students do not know what jobs are in demand--there are industries that have too many applicants but do not have sufficient career offers, while there are others that do offer careers, but do not have enough applicants. There is an oversupply of talent—there are industries that offer jobs but have no applicants, and vice versa.

This is partly caused by students not having enough information on where the job opportunities lie.

With Futureyou.ph, students can now:

  1. Learn more about hot jobs and emerging industries
  2. Learn the qualifications and educational pathways to specific jobs
  3. Easily find colleges and universities based on personal preferences
  4. Explore the quality of a college or university through information such as 5 year passing rate in licensure exams 

Futureyou.ph was officially launched to a student audience number of almost 250. In line with the launch of the portal was a career advocacy event featuring speakers from various professions such as engineering and, education. The speakers gave short talks to create awareness of what kinds of jobs and careers are available to students after they graduate, as well as to inspire them to carefully consider what career choices they will eventually make.

PBEd plans to roll out the speaker-series, called “Futureyou.ph’s Life Lessons,” to different cities around the Philippines in the next few months.

Visit www.futureyou.ph today!

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