PBEd holds Industry-Academe Summits in Bohol, Pampanga, and Palawan

The Philippine Business for Education (PBed), in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), held Industry-Academe (IA) Summits in the provinces of Bohol, Pampanga, and Palawan on March 24, March 27, and April 1 respectively.

The summits gathered from the said provinces heads and representatives from the industry, academe and local government, which included officers and members of industry associations and heads of higher and post-secondary education institutions.

The summits include presentations by Dr. Meliton Salazar (PBEd President), Ms. Lovelaine Basillote (PBed Executive Director) and Mr. Miguel Borromeo (PBEd Director for Research) introduced PBEd, showed a research on economic and higher education situations of the provinces, and explored opportunities for industry-academe cooperation. These gatherings became avenues for the parties to voice out their issues related to higher education and employment, and to determine possible solutions to these issues by engaging in partnerships.

The IA Summits are part of the second wave of the Higher Education and Productivity Project, which has succeeded in addressing gaps between industries and academe of Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo and Batangas City in the past year and will hopefully continue bridging gaps in the new target provinces.


What’s next?

After the inputs have been gathered from the discussions in the summits, PBEd aims to help build concrete IA partnerships in the provinces through facilitating discussions and memorandums of agreement (MOAs) between industries and academe for the coming months.