Teacher quality and learner outcomes: One goal, multiple solutions

“A silver bullet for all our educational problems just does not exist, not even for just teacher quality,” said PBEd president Chito Salazar during the National Forum on Teacher Quality held last Nov 7th at the AIM Conference Center in Makati. Leaders from industry, academe, government, and civil society came together to put into perspective the situation of teacher quality in the Philippines in terms of global standards and local contexts.
The forum focused on long-standing issues and emerging trends in teacher development in the country. For example, while the national government has been steadily closing the gap in teacher demand, concerns about readiness to implement the new K to 12 curriculum prevail. Salary progression and professional development have likewise stood at the top of teachers’ priority list of in-service troubles. Moreover, the forum shed light on the dismal performance of teacher education institutions in the licensure exam for the past 8 years. Evidence-informed international approaches to teacher development that the Philippines can draw inspiration from were also presented.