What we do

As the education sector continues to face challenges and opportunities in the transitional contexts provided by K to 12 and ASEAN integration, PBEd continues its role as the voice of business in Philippine education. To this end, we pursue our lines of advocacy through a far-reaching vision, and an action-oriented strategy.

A vision for Philippine education

We advocate for an education system that:

  • Prepares one to succeed in life, succeed in work, and contribute to nation-building as an active, critical citizen
  • Given the nature of the world, learning how to learn must be its goal
  • Provides equal recognition to different life pathways, needs, and careers, and
  • Maximizes people’s options and choices rather than limit them

Our core competencies

We are committed to achieving this goal through:

  • Multisectoral partnerships-building
  • Strategic policy advocacy
  • Evidence-based research
  • Resource mobilization
  • Scholarships management
  • Strategic communications