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PBEd: Tagbilaran LGU and Partners Institutionalize Career Readiness Program for Out-of-School Youth

PBEd | May 27, 2024

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PBEd: Continuous skills development of workforce vital in addressing threat of AI

PBEd | July 18, 2024

PBEd: More companies open and already hiring K-12 grads

PBEd | July 10, 2024

PBEd, VST ECS collaborate to enhance youth employability for digital jobs

PBEd | July 02, 2024

PBEd Statement on the resignation of Vice President Sara Duterte as DepEd Secretary

PBEd | June 19, 2024

PBEd: Urgent movements in TEC needed to improve teaching quality

PBEd | June 11, 2024

PBEd: Tagbilaran LGU and Partners Institutionalize Career Readiness Program for Out-of-School Youth

PBEd | May 27, 2024

PBEd: Industry participation in skills training crucial for K-12 employability

PBEd | May 11, 2024

Skills Map for Careers in Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Launched

PBEd | May 08, 2024

PBEd urges business leaders, stakeholders to take active role in workforce development

PBEd | May 01, 2024

PBEd to DepEd: Capacitate and reinforce local stakeholders’ participation to address education crisis

PBEd | April 08, 2024

Mandaue City invests in future skills training for the youth with PBEd’s Future Skills Now

PBEd | March 18, 2024

PBEd Statement on DepEd’s Decision to Revert to the Old School Calendar

PBEd | February 21, 2024

Filipino Youth to Train for AI Jobs through JobsNext

PBEd | February 20, 2024

PBEd: Teachers to greatly benefit from decongestion of administrative task, increase in take-home pay

PBEd | January 26, 2024

PBEd: Expedite passage of expanded GASTPE to decongest public schools

PBEd | January 17, 2024

PBEd Statement on the 2022 Programme for International Students Assessments (PISA) results

PBEd | December 07, 2023

Australian Government partners with advocacy group, DepEd-Baguio to bolster learning quality in schools

PBEd | November 18, 2023

PBEd: Right training and resources to boost teaching quality in the country

PBEd | October 17, 2023

PBEd expands engagement with the private sector to empower Filipino youth for digital careers through Future Skills Now

PBEd | October 06, 2023

Australian government, advocacy groups partner to spur jobs, training in green building sector

PBEd | September 29, 2023

Government, biz leaders bring forward programs and policies at USAID summit to support Filipino out-of-school youth

PBEd | September 06, 2023

Biz groups, experts push for greater collaboration to address PH job-skills mismatch

PBEd | August 30, 2023

PBEd: Work-based training opportunities to bolster employability of K-12 graduates

PBEd | August 24, 2023

Philippine Business for Education seals partnership with Wells Fargo, pushes for youth employability

PBEd | August 03, 2023

PBEd to Marcos administration: Prioritize long-term education reforms in SONA

PBEd | July 21, 2023

USAID, DTI, fintech team up to include youth in GenSan MSMEs digitalization

PBEd | July 07, 2023

USAID, PBEd celebrate YouthWorks PH’s fifth year with an P80-million joint partnership, open training, and employment to more than 6,000 youth

PBEd | July 06, 2023

PBEd to LGUs: Prioritize ECCD, boost basic skills to curb learning poverty

PBEd | June 10, 2023

PBEd urges Marcos administration to confront education woes on mass promotion

PBEd | May 30, 2023

PBEd urges business leaders, stakeholders to maximize TVET for workforce development

PBEd | May 12, 2023

PBEd: Integration of civic education in all subjects vital for nation-building

PBEd | May 03, 2023

PBEd: Fast-track publication of Excellence in Teacher Education Act IRR

PBEd | April 27, 2023

PBEd partners with LGUs to future-proof Filipino workforce

PBEd | April 20, 2023

Statement on the CHR Human Rights Situation Report School-to-Work Transition 2022

PBEd | April 13, 2023

PBEd: Skills training to pave way for better jobs for the youth

PBEd | March 27, 2023

YouthWorks PH trainees aid in construction of North-South Commuter Railway, gain employment after

PBEd | March 23, 2023

USAID, PBEd provide P3-M to train 600 out-of-school youth in Sarangani and South Cotabato

PBEd | March 23, 2023

Australian Government, PBEd team up to improve PH learning and employability outcomes through P98.7 million fund

PBEd | March 22, 2023

PBEd: Program to improve learning outcomes of children rolled out in Himamaylan, Negros Occidental

PBEd | March 03, 2023

Skills council to address job-skills mismatch, launched

PBEd | March 02, 2023

PBEd convenes education stakeholders to take action on the learning crisis

PBEd | February 27, 2023

PBEd backs DepEd plans for education recovery

PBEd | January 31, 2023

YouthWorks PH forges partnership with DSWD X, offers free skills training to out-of-school-youths

PBEd | January 25, 2023

Invest in lifelong learning for PH workforce development

PBEd | December 17, 2022

Creation of EDCOM 2 a step toward addressing high learning poverty

PBEd | November 10, 2022

PBEd supports resumption of full face-to-face classes to curb learning poverty, urges for remedial programs and proper safety protocols

PBEd | November 03, 2022

STATEMENT: Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education Policy

PBEd | October 18, 2022

YouthWorks collaborates with AWS re/Start to offer free cloud skills training to Philippines youth

PBEd | October 13, 2022

PBEd backs admin push to invest in skills training of youth

PBEd | September 23, 2022

Arm education agencies with sufficient resources

PBEd | September 15, 2022

USAID, PBEd spearhead youth training in newly-launched Talisay, Cebu Livelihood Center

PBEd | September 14, 2022

Fast-track ARAL bill to curb learning poverty

PBEd | September 09, 2022

USAID forum gathers 170 business, government, youth leaders in pursuit of inclusive economic recovery in PH

PBEd | September 08, 2022

Labor Market Study for Fruit and Vegetable Processing Sector Launched

PBEd | August 24, 2022

JobsNext Bill to Enhance Employability of Young Filipinos in the Future

PBEd | August 15, 2022

USAID Launches New Partnerships on Youth, Civil Society, and Health in Bohol Visit

PBEd | August 10, 2022

A Future that Works to Launch Labor Market Intelligence Report for Fruits and Vegetable Processing Sector

PBEd | August 08, 2022

PBEd and Citi Foundation Prepare Filipino Youths for In-Demand Jobs of the Future

PBEd | August 04, 2022

Measure creating commission to review education system lapses into law

PBEd | July 27, 2022

Everyone needs to invest in our children, in our future

PBEd | July 25, 2022

Business Advocacy Groups Bare Agenda for First 100 Days of Marcos Admin: Prioritize Nutrition and Education!

PBEd | July 13, 2022

STATEMENT: Shared Prosperity through a People-Centered Agenda on Nutrition and Education

PBEd | July 13, 2022

President Duterte urged to sign EdCom to solve learning crisis

PBEd | May 24, 2022

PBEd and Citi Foundation partner anew to give Filipino youth the gift of a better future

PBEd | May 05, 2022

EdNation Urges Filipino Voters: Elect an Education President

PBEd | April 25, 2022

Business leaders and education experts: Recover enormous learning losses now!

PBEd | April 11, 2022

YouthWorks PH offers 1,200 youths more than P1.5-M worth of training and employment opportunities to spur economic recovery

PBEd | March 18, 2022

YouthWorks PH expands collaboration with private sector with ₱42.9-million worth of training opportunities

PBEd | February 17, 2022

‘4Ps’ beneficiaries, Caloocan Youth to receive free techvoc training from YouthWorks PH

PBEd | December 07, 2021

Business group press Congress to pass EDCOM Bill

PBEd | November 04, 2021

YouthWorks PH inks agreement with international civic org Rotary International District 3830, opens training in agriculture with FRIEND Foundation and Grameen Foundation

PBEd | October 27, 2021

YouthWorks PH and cloud kitchen start-up CloudEats open 500 OJT slots, to provide PHP 10 M subsidy for food service trainees

PBEd | October 20, 2021

Coalition who championed K-12 Law reconvenes “Education Nation” to address the PH learning crisis

PBEd | October 04, 2021

PBEd’s pioneer teacher scholars gather to take action on the learning crisis

PBEd | September 18, 2021

1,000 Students from Metro Cebu Receive Digital Remedial Classes

PBEd | August 31, 2021

YouthWorks PH to open more than 300 training positions in power and food service ahead of National Tech-Voc Day

PBEd | August 06, 2021

PBEd urges Duterte to certify EDCOM Joint Resolution as urgent

PBEd | August 05, 2021

PBEd and Accenture to give kids digital math and reading remedial lessons

PBEd | July 29, 2021

Press Release: State of Education Press Conference

PBEd | July 05, 2021

STATEMENT: An EdCom to Seriously Address the Learning Crisis

PBEd | June 10, 2021

PBEd throws support behind Jobs Next Act

PBEd | June 04, 2021

YouthWorks PH inks a P 2.7 million partnership with Plan International; Habitat for Humanity to boost youth training and employment

PBEd | May 27, 2021

PBEd commends Joint Congressional approval on convening an EdCom

PBEd | May 27, 2021

Industry organisations learn about Australia’s skills system to address Philippines’ job-skills mismatch

PBEd | May 10, 2021

STATEMENT: Ensure Education and Employability of the Youth, K - 12 Graduates

PBEd | May 06, 2021

YouthWorks PH and SJDM LGU join forces on Labor Day, backs training and employment for the youth

PBEd | May 01, 2021

PBEd supports resumption of face-to-face classes for tentative school opening on August 23

PBEd | April 28, 2021

Philippine private sector supports convening of a Joint Congressional Education Commission

PBEd | April 27, 2021

STATEMENT: Teachers are frontline workers: COVID-19 vaccination priority

PBEd | April 19, 2021

Country’s biggest biz groups warn of fragile economic recovery with education sector in crisis

PBEd | March 29, 2021

PBEd supports bill offering scholarship to future teachers

PBEd | March 26, 2021

Prioritize teachers in COVID-19 vaccinations

PBEd | March 19, 2021

YouthWorks PH, Permex, and PCTA ink P37-M partnerships to open doors for at least 1,000 youth trainees

PBEd | March 18, 2021

PBEd: Students losing thousands of pesos in future earnings due to prolonged school shutdowns

PBEd | March 10, 2021

PBEd: Invest more in education, training to arrest high joblessness among youth

PBEd | March 09, 2021

PBEd, Australian gov’t ink deal with industry associations to develop PH workforce

PBEd | March 04, 2021

PBEd: Longer delays in face-to-face classes mean heavier academic, economic losses

PBEd | February 23, 2021

Antipolo City gov’t, YouthWorks PH to provide free skills training to out-of-school youth

PBEd | February 11, 2021

First Future unveils new online CSR and leadership courses for 4,000 youth

PBEd | February 11, 2021

Learning platform enables youth to work without college diplomas

Othel V. Campos | February 06, 2021

Stem the learning crisis now

PBEd | January 04, 2021

PBEd supports safe conduct of limited face-to-face classes

PBEd | December 18, 2020

Alabel LGU teams up with YouthWorks PH to train out-of-school youth

PBEd | November 17, 2020

PBEd, Australian and US gov’t partners turn over labor market intelligence project to CDO gov’t

PBEd | November 11, 2020

Online Training of Trainers on S2SA

PBEd | October 01, 2020

PH Private sector urged to take more active role in skills development of Filipinos

ANC and PBEd | September 28, 2020

Salute to a partner in PH education reform

Ramon del Rosario Jr. | September 26, 2020

KTalk webinar series kicks off Sept. 24, 2020

YouthWorks PH | September 18, 2020

3 million students still unenrolled: 'Lost generation' must catch up

Matthew Reysio-Cruz | September 13, 2020

Opportunity 2.0: Program for 180,000 out-of-school PH youths gets P1.9B USAID grant

Jodee Agoncillo | August 18, 2020

STEP UP hosts Scholar-Teachers’ Alumni Homecoming ahead of school opening

PBEd | August 15, 2020

PBEd's Statement of Support to Knowledge Channel and a call to widen public-private partnership in the delivery of quality education for all

PBEd | August 12, 2020

Groups, Universities back August school opening

CNN Philippines Staff | July 24, 2020

Statement in Support of School Opening

PBEd | July 22, 2020

Pandemic deemed no excuse to stop upskilling students, young workers

Gillian M. Cortez | July 10, 2020

Letting students sit out a year could slow economic recovery, advocacy group warns

Ian Nicolas Cigaral | July 09, 2020

Looking forward to "A Future that Works"

PBEd | July 03, 2020

Statement on Cyberlibel verdict vs. Maria Ressa

PBEd | June 18, 2020

PBEd Scholar Speaks

PBEd | June 16, 2020

Joint Statement on the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020

PBEd | June 05, 2020

DepEd to parents: No need to buy new gadgets

JanVic Mateo | May 31, 2020

"PBEd Talk Thursdays" webinar series

PBEd | May 28, 2020

Statement of Support for class re-opening in August

PBEd | May 27, 2020

USAID, PBEd open online learning and employability program for out-of-school youth

PBEd | May 27, 2020

First “PBEd Talk Thursdays” stimulates conversation about the "New Normal for Basic Education"

PBEd | May 18, 2020

5,000 out-of-school youth to undergo training at McDonald's

Gillian M. Cortez | March 06, 2020

Labor market intelligence project launched in CDO

PBEd | March 05, 2020

PBEd honors private sector partners, project opens 19k jobs for K to 12 grads

PBEd | October 21, 2019

DepEd-10 chief lauds teacher education scholars

PBEd | August 02, 2019

Cebu business backs K to 12 job fair

PBEd | July 10, 2019

Scholars make their mark

PBEd | June 14, 2019

PBEd continues honoring scholars

PBEd | June 07, 2019

Response to “Has change come to Philippine education?” (Hernando-Malipot, 19 May 2019)

PBEd | May 19, 2019

Food for thought: PH top chefs honor education

PBEd | March 11, 2019

Top chefs come together for PH education

PBEd | March 09, 2019

Skills training slots open for young Filipinos as YouthWorks PH inks deal with schools, industry

PBEd | March 06, 2019

Raising PH education means raising teacher quality--Education leaders

PBEd | October 03, 2018

Advocacy group calls for investing in the future of the workforce

PBEd | July 16, 2018

Learning must go beyond access--Advocacy group

PBEd | June 13, 2018

Advocacy group seeks to help K to 12 grads succeed

PBEd | April 20, 2018

The role of the industry in building a competitive workforce

PBEd | April 18, 2018

Realizing education's promise: A collective effort

PBEd | March 18, 2018

PBEd hosts first ever Industry-Academe mixer for civil engineering

PBEd | September 27, 2017

Teaching our teachers

PhilippineTatler.com | March 22, 2017

Make sure free education benefits the poor, business group urges

Merlina Hernando Malipot | March 17, 2017

Private sector doubles down on K to 12

PBEd |

Partners come together for K to 12 in CDO

PBEd |

PBEd, partners celebrate teacher-scholars

PBEd |

USEP hailed for excellence in teacher education

PBEd |